Unit 1 - Energy use and climate: Technology and design for energy conservation

Kodama, Yuichiro (Japan) / Leigh, Seung-Bok (Korea) / Masanori Shukuya (Japan)

Focusing on the energy conservation in buildings in use, a diversity of innovative technology and designs are presented. How can they be developed with consideration of the regional climates, the natural environment and the social and historical background?

Topics included here are;
  1. Energy conscious building design
  2. Energy-efficient building service systems
  3. Integration of technology and design
  4. Energy management systems
  5. Life style

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
01-001 Commissioning tools: A way to manage growing complexity of energy systems in buildings
Jean Christophe Visier, France
01-002 Passive residentail building indoor thermal performance modeling using various building components case study: Baan Ua-arthorn low-cost housing project.
Chanikarn Yimprayoon, Thailand
01-003 Modeling energy efficient windows in hot arid zones
Noureddine Zemmouri, Algeria
01-004 Heat losses from a slab-on-ground structure with a low temperature floor heating system in Nordic climate
Jukka Rantala, Finland
01-005 Bio-sustainable ecological windows
Assad Z. K. Almssad, Sweden
01-006 Concept and actual result of the "Zero energy house"
Junichi Kurihara, Japan
01-007 Education of electrical engineering students in sustainable building design
Keith Hoffman, Australia
01-008 Thermal shading effect of climbing plants on glazed facades
Marta Hoi Yan Lam, United Kingdom
01-009 Energy consumption of houses and lifestyle in cold climatic area of Japan
Kahori Genjo, Japan
01-010 Development of phase change wall-linings to enhance thermal performance of buildings
Dianne Dyball, United Kingdom
01-011 Smart passive cooling systems for sustainable architecture in developing countries: Using the gap to bridge the gap
Pablo La Roche, United States of America
01-012 Energy conservation through insulation coated fastening unit of aluminum curtain wall system in high-rise residential complex
Seung-Yeong Song, Republic of Korea
01-013 Diffusion of double glass and photovoltaic system as global environmental considerate ways
Masako Miyasaka, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
01-014 Development of a passive cooling strategy using double-roofing system with rainwater spraying and its field testing in terms of the indoor thermal environment
Itaru Takahashi, Japan
01-015 Development of data processing programs for the expanded AMeDAS weather data DVD
Shin-ichi Matsumoto, Japan
01-016 An overview of utility bills analysis methods for predicting building energy consumption in the tropical region
Bing Dong, Singapore
01-017 Micro-climate-design housing
Isamu Ohta, Japan
01-018 Reduction of household energy consumption by our development of "Zero-utility-cost houses"
Masakazu Shio, Japan
01-019 Enhanced thermal energy storage capacity of water storage cylinders with phase change materials
Kenneth Ip, United Kingdom
01-020 Design of environmentally conscious building and its operation data
Michiya Suzuki, Japan
01-021 Energy strategies stimulating architectural innovation: Implications for high-rise commercial buildings in the Arabian gulf countries
Eman Alnakib, Australia
01-022 Climatic skin roofs (Study for bio-ecological Danish houses)
Leo Farahzad, Denmark
01-023 Underground thermal inertia such a source of energy for bio-sustainable house
Hazim Almusaed, Denmark
01-024 The integrated management of building energy issues: Guidelines for overcoming energy crisis
Francesca Cassaro, Italy
presentation material [pdf]
01-025 Eco-friendly design for an electronic device plant
Yoshihiro Ohno, Japan
01-026 282 kWp BIPV, bioclimatic sports centreWageningen(NL)
Tjerk Reijenga, Netherlands
01-027 Ecological house renovation and low-energy lifestyle
Keisuke Hama, Japan
01-028 The effect of facade plant shading on reducing indoor air temperature in medium-rise working area
Luciana Kristanto, Indonesia
01-029 The predicted and observed thermal performance of the Brighton 'Earthship'
Andrew Miller, United Kingdom
01-030 Application of evolution strategies for HVAC optimization problem
Kwong Fai Fong, Hong Kong
01-031 Thachushashtra-the ancient climatological building science of Kerala, India-its scope in sustianable building design today
Mohandas Kalipurayath, India
01-032 Commercial utilisation of CO2 quotas in relation to Kyoto protocol
Radovan Illith, Slovakia
01-033 Exploring the tectonics of new traditional earth architecture
Kohei Ono, Japan
01-034 Preliminary investigations on the enhancement of rooftop thermal-insulation capability of hollow bricks with PCM incorporated
C.J. Ho, Taiwan
01-035 The combination of hybrid generation system (Small-scale wind power and PV) and land-use pattern in Taiwan
Ta-hui Lin, Taiwan
01-036 Increased energy efficiency and improved comfort
Markku Virtanen, Finland
01-037 Research on the design principles of energy-saving housing in Xián
Jinghua Liu, China
01-038 Simulation of the environmental impact of a Canadian house
Frederic Cherqui, France
presentation material [pdf]
01-039 Environmental analysis of large glazed spaces
Thomas Metz, Netherlands
01-040 Window system design and selection for energy conservation in Turkey
Aslihan Tavil, Turkey
01-041 Study on the green design strategies of apartment in the western cities of China
Jing Li, China
01-042 Energy efficiency in commercial buildings - Experiences and results from the German funding program SolarBau
Andreas Wagner, Germany
01-043 Energy consumption of residential buildings designed environmental conscious concept in Japan
Kenichi Hasegawa, Japan
01-044 Study on the applicability of combining desiccant cooling system with heat pump in hot and humid climate
Yaw-Shyan Tsay, Japan
01-045 Office building air conditioning with hybrid air conditioning and natural ventilation
Takayoshi Shibahara, Japan
01-046 Working with climate - From theory to practice
Alexandros N. Tombazis, Greece
01-047 Experimental study of phase change wall room in winter in China
Shilei Lu, China
presentation material [pdf]
01-048 An outline of the green power HVAC system of the glass pyramid in Moerenuma Park, Sapporo
Atsuro Oka, Japan
01-049 Energy efficiency in buildings after renovation.
Margaretha Borgstrom, Sweden
01-050 Experimental study on natural ventilation effect of a cavity in an inclined double roof
Susanti Lusi, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
01-051 Design of energy efficient buildings with radiant systems
Zhen Tian, Canada
01-052 Energy strategies in the tropical context - The use of simulation tools in informing urban bioclimatic design in a Malaysian highrise development
Puteri Shireen Jahn Kassim, Malaysia
01-053 Towards the zero-energy house - Comparison of bioclimatic strategies and thermal comfort issues in two differing climates
Yousif A. Abakr, Malaysia
01-054 Energy use, climate change and buildings
Aritra Banerjee, India
01-055 Architectural simulation for sustainability
Jose M Cabeza-Lainez, Spain
01-056 Energy savings potential in buildings - A construction and utilization perspective
Nitin Tanwar, India
01-057 Sustainability beyond technology and the works of architect Richard Le Plastrier
Jasmine Palmer, Australia
01-058 A study on the cooling effect by water film formation on an exterior surface coated with a super-hydrophilic photocatalyst
Hiroshi Naganuma, Japan
01-059 Aquifer thermal energy storage system for apartment houses
Makoto Nakamura, Japan
01-060 Global perspective as tool for an efficient and sustainable design. An example in the south of Spain
Aurelio Perez Martin, Spain
01-061 Life cycle and optimum thickness of thermal insulator for housing in Madrid
Marcelo Izquierdo, Spain
01-062 The AIVC: International efforts on ventilation;
Max Sherman, United States of America
01-063 Energy conserving ventilation system using thermal storage
Tomohiro Kuroki, Japan
01-064 Energy efficiency measuares employed for the Sakai Gas building
Hirobumi Ueda, Japan
01-065 Low energy office building in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Energy efficient buildings
Ole Balslev-Olesen, Malaysia
01-066 Practical research on sustainable living in an experimental house
Yoshimasa Sakurai, New Zealand
01-067 Contemporary nature of "Chouchiku-kyo"-from sustainable building perspective-
Akira Matsukuma, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
01-068 Exergy: The step beyond the "energy"-consious design - A new look at sustainable buildings -
Dietrich Schmidt, Germany
01-069 Optimizing the building envelope and HVAC system for an inpatient room using simulation and optimization tools
Vojislav Novakovic, Norway
01-070 Comfort and energy concept Post Tower, Bonn
Matthias Schuler, Germany
01-071 Measurement on evaporate cooling effect of a water spraying system with a photo-catalytic material coated wall
Hideo Asada, Japan
01-072 Efficient energy use and good indoor climate in a prefabricated timber framed house in Sweden
Arne Elmroth, Sweden
01-073 Thermal performance of extensive green roofs in cold climates
Karen Liu, Canada
01-074 Design attitudes towards sustainability in school buildings
Ecehan Ozmehmet, Turkey
01-075 Building cooling plant system with high efficient energy savings and the performance deterioration
Yasuhiro Kuwahara, Japan
01-076 Transition in the broadcasting services and station buildings of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Hiroaki Sato, Japan
01-077 Energy conservation effects by high performance windows in housing
Hiroyuki Ohnishi, Japan
01-078 Evaluated the makeup air heat recovery with life cycle assessment of energy
Kee-Chiang Chung, Taiwan
01-079 Relationship between buildings' heights and the distances between two adjacent buildings from solar radiation perspective in the context of Dhaka city
Atiqur Rahman, Bangladesh
01-080 Itoman city hall
Manabu Tochigi, Japan
01-081 Analyse of the exergy- consumption of 4 types of buildings;
Laure Itard, Netherlands
presentation material [pdf]
01-082 Plant canopy structure: The proposal of the microclimate design system
Shoko Hashida, Japan
01-083 Optimization of energy use in buildings in Taiwan - Hybrid vapor compression refrigeration & thermal driven air-conditioning systems
Pan-Chen Chan, Taiwan
01-084 The contribution of wall-plantation on the thermal performance of buildings in the Greek region during the cooling period
Ekaterini A. Eumorfopoulou, Greece
01-085 Efficiency tests of sustainable loose and dry screeds for refrigerating and heating underfloor panels with wooden coating
Andrea Cavaleri, Italy
presentation material [pdf]
01-086 The practical example of the environment-Conscious design office building which is core part of business.
Kimihiro Honda, Japan
01-087 Energy efficient design and technology in TEPCO R&D Center
Masashi Kawano, Japan
01-088 A study on a supply-demand simulation model for the stand-alone hybrid power supply consisting of fuel cell and energy capacitor systems
Katsuji Mitsui, Japan
01-089 Exergy analysis tool for building and building services design
Poppong Sakulpipatsin, Netherlands
01-090 The practical example of the air conditioning load reduction method integrated with the building environmental design
Takashi Yanai, Japan
01-091 Energy saving design and operation in Marunouchi building
Nobukazu Kobayashi, Japan
01-092 Advanced local energy planning (ALEP) - A modern approach to sustainable community systems;
Reinhard Jank, Germany
01-093 A combined exergy analysis on human-body system and floor heating system
Koichi Isawa, Japan
01-094 Development of a method for built-environmental education under Japanese summer climate
Toshiya Iwamatsu, Japan
01-095 Thermal comfort and energy performance for zero-energy renovation
Elisa Boelman, Netherlands
01-096 Monolithic low energy twin houses in Ulm, Germany
Katharina Liepach, Germany
01-097 Ecological architecture in the Netherlands a case study on the "DCBA-Design Method" applied in Amersfoort Nieuwland
Yasuaki Konishi, Netherlands
01-098 The present conditions and the effect of woody biomass energy in Japanese buildings
Shuichi Miura, Japan
01-099 Hybrid ventilation - Results of the international research project IEA-ECBCS annex 35
Per Heiselberg, Denmark
01-100 The development trend of thermal energy storage air-conditioning system in China
Etsuko Nakayama, Japan
01-101 Evaluation of the thermal performance of metal roofing under tropical climatic conditions
Mohamed Harimi, Malaysia
01-102 Study on the energy conservation performance of air-conditioning system for the building combined a double skin and earth-to-air heat exchanger
Gyu-young Yoon, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
01-103 The trial and verification to energy self-sufficiency building in Hamamatsu city
Hitoshi Takeyama, Japan
01-104 Study on the performance of radiant cooling system with water flow on roof
Jinghui Ma, Japan
01-105 An experimental study on a radiant cooling panel using the evaporation of water
Junko Hirotani, Japan
01-106 The environmental symbiosis technologies of the KANDEN building
Masashi Yamagiwa, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
01-107 A study on the evaluation of passive and low energy houses based on thermal comfort
Tamaki Fukazawa, Japan
01-108 Approach to "Eco-Store" - Eco-friendly shopping centers-
Tetsuya Hara, Japan
01-109 Development of a double-skin facade system that combines airflow windows with solar chimneys
Alex Amato, Hong Kong
01-110 Evapotranspiration of rooftop gardening plants and their effect on the thermal environment of building
Kaori Ono, Japan
01-111 Effects of housing polymer electrolyte fuel cell co-generation systems on energy conservation
Hiroshi Kuroki, Japan
01-112 SB technology learning from bicycles, yachts and gliders
Seiji Kobata, Japan
01-113 Daylighting performance of integrated daylighting and ventilation system for buildings in the tropics.
Salmah Ahmed, Malaysia
01-114 Study on thermal environment characteristic of ecological facilities and electricity consumption of air conditioner at CNES
Chieko Motoyama, Japan
01-115 Experiments on environmental preservation and energy saving at 'NEXT21'
Toru Shiba, Japan
01-116 The initiative in promoting ecologically efficient building projects toward more sustainable society and some studies on the findings of their effectiveness
Sanae Namatame, Japan
01-117 High energy performance and indoor environmental quality for residential buildings
Lavinia Tagliabue, Italy
01-118 Experiment of phase-change heat-storage electric heating floor system
Guojian Li, China
01-119 The performance assessment of pipeless & modular radiant floor heating system for sustainable apartment housing
Jae-Sik Kang, Republic of Korea
01-120 Estimation for the environmental performance of a new college building at the preliminary design phase
Hisashi Hanzawa, Japan
01-121 The study of solar energy as heating and air-conditioning sources
Gao Yuefen, China
01-122 Development of an on-site evaluation method for building thermal performance using an infra-red camera
Seung-Eon Lee, Republic of Korea
01-123 A study of the effect of the use of PV technology on the environmental performance of a building in northern Greece
Dimitrios K. Bikas, Greece
01-124 Exergy analysis in the built environment - Dynamic reference temperatures and allocation of embedded exergy.
Gudni Johannesson, Sweden
presentation material [pdf]
01-125 An experimental study on the thermal conductivity change of building insulation materials with environmental condition and long-time elapse
Young-Sun Jeong, Republic of Korea
01-126 An assessment of a low energy building in a predominantly hot and dry climate.
Geoff Douglass, Botswana
01-127 The analysis of energy consumption of solar domestic hot water system with auxiliary electrical heater in southern Taiwan
Rong-Ping Lai, Taiwan
01-128 Sustainability in public buildings
Alberto Hernandez Neto, Brazil
01-129 The integrated design process (IDP) -A more holistic approach to sustainable architecture.
Hanne Tine Ring Hansen, Denmark
01-130 Study on the procedure to verify the effect of energy conservation retrofit of existing buildings
Kenjiro Yamaguchi, Japan
01-131 A research on embodied energy of building materials: Reflections on Turkey
Aysen Ciravoglu, Turkey
presentation material [pdf]
01-132 Selection of sustainable ventilation system for redevelopment of schools in Poland
Jerzy Sowa, Poland
01-133 Secrets to climate-adapted building design
Vladimir Mikler, Canada
presentation material [pdf]
01-134 Government administration center in Beer-Sheva, Israel- Energy concious green building design
Ruth Lahav, Israel
01-135 Energy efficiency simulation of buildings in Brazil: Proposal of methodology for insertion in design practice
Simone Delbin, Brazil
01-136 Eco - office building: Realised project NAVAN: Ireland
Paul Leech, Ireland
presentation material [pdf]
01-137 Building climatic zoning. The case of Chile
Waldo Bustamante, Chile
01-138 A strategic approach for technology and design for energy conservation in Mexico
Gloria Castorena, Mexico
01-139 Energy performance analysis using building asessment tools. case study: Low income bioclimatic dwelling in a developing country
Carlos Horita, Japan
01-140 Sustainable by passive architecture, using courtyards in non-domestic buildings in southeast Queensland
Upendra Rajapaksha, Sri Lanka
01-141 The electricity consumption prediction of commercial row houses
Jen-Chun Wang, Taiwan
01-142 The research, development and application of typical meteorological years in Taiwan
Kuo-Tsang Huang, Taiwan
01-143 Learning from the tradition, creating humane environment
Hongru Zhang, China
01-144 Phase change material composites for sustainable building
Dariusz Heim, Poland
01-145 Systematic approach to the evaluation of the solar measures' role in creating the architecture of office and office-industrial buildings
Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung, Poland
01-146 Advances in energy codes in Russia and Kazakhstan. Harmonization of codes with European standards
Yuri Matrosov, Russian Federation
01-147 Heating-cooling wall panels system in Slovene Ethnographic Museum - SEM
Ales Krainer, Slovenia
01-149 Proposal for the utilization of ground heat for Japanese green building systems
Ben Nakamura, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
01-151 The practice of eco-homes in Shanghai, China
Jihong Han, China
01-152 Intelligent building technologies: Operable envelope design
Shane Smith, United States of America
01-153 The development of geothermal air-conditioning system using ground heat exchanger utilizing building's cast-in-place concrete pile foundation
Kentaro Sekine, Japan
01-154 Luminous performance of Ji-mado as a daylighting system in snowy region
Masaya Saito, Japan
01-155 Energy efficient techniques and simulation of energy consumption for the Shanghai ecological building
Bu Zhen, China
01-156 Design and experimental analysis of solar-powered hybrid energy system in the ecological building
X. Q. Zhai, China
01-157 Optimization for thermal insulation in energy saving constructions
Zhun Yu, China
01-158 Performance analysis of a 15kW photovoltaic grid connected system under the equatorial conditions
Ahmad F. Ismail, Malaysia
01-159 The application of solar envelopes in the planning of the university campus
Maria das Gracas Velho do Amaral, Brazil
01-160 A simplified analysis of life cycle energy implications in urban China office building
Lin Hao, United Kingdom
01-161 Daylight performance of top lighting light pipes and side lighting light pipe under sunny conditions in Beijing
Yanpeng Wu, China
01-162 Experiment and field study of energy storage and exchange on PCM wallboard room using night ventilation
Chen Qizhen, China
01-163 Optimization of performance of phase change thermal storage wallboards
Guohui Feng, China
01-164 Energy efficiency in houses with thermally improved perforated ceramics brick walls. The case of Chile.
Ariel Bobadilla, Chile
01-165 Sustainable energy use in 40 swedish houses -A study of changes over a ten-year period;
Carolina Hiller, Sweden
01-166 Houses without a traditional heating system - Results from two years of measurements
Svein H. Ruud, Sweden