Unit 6 - Healthy buildings/cities

Lau, Stephen (Hong Kong, China) / De Schiller, Silvia (Argentina)

High-rise living in dense mega-cities is challenging urban sustainability. New criteria and evaluation methods require debate on density and morphological patterns, considering intensity and mixed-use for vitality, flexibility and adaptability of the built environment with reference to regional differences and climatic conditions. This panel invites discussion on healthy buildings and cities to ensure safe and livable environments.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
06-001 Design for ecosystem services: A new paradigm for ecodesign
Janis Birkeland, Australia
06-002 Towards better wind, daylight and natural ventilation for buildings and urban spaces in ultra-dense cities - An experience from Hong Kong
Edward Ng, Hong Kong
06-003 Case experience of a sustainable building
Graham Lane, Japan
06-004 Indoor air quality in a low-density residential environment; A study in Abuta post-disaster public housing
Keiko Hirota, Australia
06-005 Thermal performance of traditional and modern buildings in Kerala, south India
Vijaya Lakshmi Akella, India
06-006 Energy saving and healthy building as a common future task of industrialized nations
Johanna Schilling, Germany
presentation material [pdf]
06-008 A study on urban form and style for high-density living - Case study of Chuo city in Tokyo
Motomu Uno, Japan
06-009 Creation of a visual continuity though the degree of mixture of green tract of land in re-development areas
Hyukjae Lee, Japan
06-010 Aichi public housing renewal project (certified as environmentally symbiotic housing complex by Institute for Building Environment and energy Conservation, IBEC)
Yutaka Higuchi, Japan
06-011 The interrelationship of sustainability and resilience- and vulnerability of networks, related to the critical flows in society; A future deadlock?
Arjan van Timmeren, Netherlands
06-012 Introducing urban agriculture concepts in urban planning: The park of the 21st century.
Wiek Roling, Netherlands
06-013 Regional responses to sustainable building
John Martin Evans, Argentina
06-014 Sustainable school sports centre in Patagonia
Silvia de Schiller, Argentina
06-015 Life cycle greenhouse gas assessment on polyurethane spray foam focused on the long term emissions for hydro-fluoro-carbons
Kazuhiko Mizuta, Japan
06-016 A study of the wind environment of road space during summer and winter in Hahoe, Korea
Tae-yun Aum, Japan
06-017 Geometry of building courtyards to favour natural ventilation: Comparison between wind tunnel experiment and numerical simulation
Abel Tablada de la Torre, Cuba
06-018 Analysis of outdoor thermal environment and cooling effect of urban greenery in substantial urban area using 3-D CAD
Rihito Sato, Japan
06-019 Implementation and design related conditions for sustainable solutions concerning integrated energy generation and waste(water)treatment in city districts
P.A. (Paul) de Graaf, Netherlands
presentation material [pdf]
06-020 Assessing the health and safety performance of residential buildings in Hong Kong
D C W Ho, Hong Kong
presentation material [pdf]
06-021 Land use and urban microclimates in Sao Paulo - Brazil
Tatiana Souza, Brazil
06-022 Ecological assessment of symbiotic building in subtropical Taiwan: An integrative study for arthropod surveillance and pest management
Kun-Hsien Tsai, Taiwan
06-023 A multi-disciplinary study of urban climatology and urban planning for densely populated cities
Stephen Siu Yu Lau, Hong Kong
06-024 The intervention of plants in the conflict between building and climate in the tropical climate
Yu Chen, Singapore
06-025 The new building of Waterschap Zeeuwse Eilanden in Middelburg
Evert van Kampen, Netherlands
presentation material [pdf]
06-026 Review of numerical modelling of outdoor thermal comfort
Leonardo Monteiro, Brazil
06-027 Decision-making process of seismic strengthning of wooden important cultural properties -Focusing on the role of structural engineers-
Yorika Kadoriku, Japan
06-028 How to mitigate the heat island phenomenon in small cities: The cooling effect of paddy fields on summertime air temperature
Noriko Kodaka, Japan
06-029 Communal sky gardens for high-rise residential buildings
Shun-tim Chan, Hong Kong
06-030 The case study of sustainable healthy housing fitting in with subtropical Taiwan's climate and geography
Nien-Tsu Chen, Taiwan
06-031 Impediments of sustainable cities; Through the example of high-rise buildings in Istanbul
Lusi Morhayim, Turkey
06-032 Urban heat island intensity in subtropical Taiwan
Chen-Yi Sun, Taiwan
06-033 The new Intelligent Building Index (IBI) for buildings around the world - A quantitative approach in building assessment and audit experience with the Hong Kong tallest building, two international finance centre (420m and 88-storey high)
Andrew Y T Leung, Hong Kong
06-035 Sustainable building in architectural training and education
Julian Evans, Argentina
06-036 Sustainable universities: New knowledge and innovative actions
Raul Halac, Argentina
06-037 Heating and cooling energy demand in Chilean buildings. A hard starting point for sustainability
Macarena Jabat, Chile