Unit 7 - Future frameworks for next technologies

Lowe, Robert (United Kingdom) / Rilling, Jacques (France) / Bourdeau, Luc (France)

The need to respond to climate change, to develop and deploy new energy technologies and the impacts of globalisation and the IT revolution will transform the technological base for the built environment over the next 50 years. This theme will deal with possible next technologies, their relationships to existing technological and social contexts, and the strategic support frameworks that they require.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
07-001 Urban development vulnerability to climate change in Tunisia: Which tools
Yadh Labane, Tunisia
07-002 Passive air handling system with cool & hot tubes -Application and its effects-
Takeshi Sakaguchi, Japan
07-003 Development of a new heating and cooling system with the Downhole Co-axial Heat Exchanger(DCHE) and ground-source heat pumps
Sachio Ehara, Japan
07-004 Integrating an environmental performance analysis with a virtual walkthrough - A Malaysian case study
Husam Abdulfatah Haron, Malaysia
07-005 Pseudo-living recurrent buildings composed of cell elements with RFID tags - With tests on RFID tag information system regarding timber monocoque building: J.Pod system -
Hiroshi Kawamura, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
07-006 Long-term global energy demand scenarios for residential sector
Masahito Takahashi, Japan
07-007 Environmental-, social- and spatial assessment criteria for integrated decentralized sanitation-energy systems in urban districts
B.L.H. (Bas) Hasselaar, Netherlands
presentation material [pdf]
07-008 Toward smart envelopes: An agent approach for environmental awareness in houses
Shang-Yuan Chen, Taiwan
07-009 Framework for the development of an urban energy system with a long-term perspective
Yohei Yamaguchi, Japan
07-010 Reflections on change, sustainability and the built environment.
Robert Lowe, United Kingdom
07-011 Optimizing envelope design for energy efficiency in the tropics- The use of environmental performance analysis and lighting visualization tools
Muhammad Abu Eusuf, Malaysia