Unit 8 - Management of technologies

Chiang, Che-Ming (Taiwan) / Kuroishi, Izumi (Japan)

Stride across self-constraint, consider dissimilar opportunities and restraints, accept advantages and experiences, and develop building technologies to fit local conditions. The actions are to construct strategies of green technologies for the earth sustainability, suit the renaissance of traditional technologies and measures to locations, and propose the technology transfers and educational cooperation of sustainable building for the developing countries.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
08-001 Reinforced concrete beams with recycled aggregates from demolished concrete of a stadium
Jose Roberto Santos, Portugal
08-002 Market-based Incentive/Disincentive (I/D) model for sustainable energy use in residential construction
Abdol R. Chini, United States of America
08-003 The practical training of design and building for the solar energy integrated house
Kunihisa Kakumoto, Japan
08-004 Sustainability of sustainable strategy
Faraz Soleymani, Iran
08-005 Communication approaches to marketing solar photovoltaic homes in Japan
Masa Noguchi, Canada
08-006 Evaluation of indoor environment in vernacular dwellings numerical analysis of the IGLOO by CFD
Izumi Hosoe, Japan
08-007 New experimental building for naturally ventilated solutions in the subtropical region
Wen-An Wang, Taiwan
08-008 Sustainability in relation to temporary building for emergency. Design criteria of wooden solutions simplified assembly and management of the technologies of visualization of the data.
Alberto Giacardi, Italy
presentation material [pdf]
08-009 Guidelines for certification of laboratory architectonic designs, considering quality, environment and safety requirements.
Monica Santos Salgado, Brazil
08-010 Environmental and technological adjectives
Milene Abla, Brazil
presentation material [jpg]
08-011 Control strategy of semi-open sound environment in Taiwan's experimental sustainable buildings
Fang Ming Lin, Taiwan
08-012 Developing a sustainable wooden architecture network through utilization of local forest resources: A case study in central Japan
Ineko Tanaka, Japan
08-013 Socio-cultural sustainability in traditional architectural technology: Reviving a thatched roof house
Izumi Kuroishi, Japan
08-014 Techno-economic assessment for key technologies used in sustainable building demonstration projects in Shanghai
Hao Hu, China