Unit 12 - Urban environmental system

Prakash, Sanjay (India) / Shimoda, Yoshiyuki (Japan)

Cities provide industrial goods and services and cause land, water and energy shortages, pollution, and break down communities. To improve this, conventional planning, fiscal interventions, and grand strategies must give way to viable ecological and human values. This unit calls for research and analysis papers on holistic sustainable urban environmental systems in the area of water, wastes, energy, urban mobility, and infrastructure.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
12-001 The use of constructed wetland ecosystems to treat domestic wastewater before discharge to the River Hirno in Abbottabad, Pakistan - Pilot study
Arshid Pervez, Pakistan
12-002 Energy conservation: A new urban environmental concept in Brazil
Hugo Pontes Ribeiro, Brazil
12-003 Study on a high rise building incorporated with rainwater harvesting storage tank towards building a sustainable urban environment in Malaysia
Tze Liang Lau, Malaysia
12-004 District cooling and heating system powered by unutilized energy (river water) for a large-scale complex
Sunao Otsuka, Japan
12-005 A tale of many small but mighty cities: The case of the U.S. army installations
Ilker Adiguzel, United States of America
12-006 Triple bottom line assessment and sustainability: A method of performance evaluation
Deo Prasad, Australia
12-007 EcoParque Nogueras, a demosntrative project of regional sustainability
Francisco Javier Cardenas Munguia, Mexico
12-008 Sustainable development in urban municipal outline plan
Yehuda Olander, Israel
12-009 Environmental issues on universities Campi and its urban contexts, some approaches of south Brazilian region
Marcos Antonio Leite Frandoloso, Brazil
presentation material [pdf]
12-010 Towards sustainable urban energy use in cities: A metabolism approach
Aumnad Phdungsilp, Sweden
12-011 Land ecomanagement. EMAS as management measures concerning environmental quality in the territory.
Eliana Cangelli, Italy
12-012 In the community unit, autonomic circulation system and living environment quality
Toshio Okuno, Japan
12-013 A more sustainable urban residential area the Genesis project case study
Marcelo Vespoli Takaoka, Brazil
12-014 Creation of evaporative urban envelope - Development of wet-style pavements and lightweight rooftop garden using a unique textile -
Hiroyuki Akagawa, Japan
12-015 An application study on the optimized model of distributed local energy supply systems for the sustainable redevelopment of a densely built-up area in Tokyo
Nobufusa Yoshizawa, Japan
12-016 Efforts for the preservation and creation of ideal water environment in urban area
Satoshi Shimura, Japan
12-017 Energy minimizing settlement structures as a precondition of energy efficient mobility
Thomas Macoun, Austria
12-018 The effects on energy conservation using distributed co-generation energy systems for a dense commercial district in Tokyo, Japan
Satoshi Yoshida, Japan
12-019 Design process and management for sustainable building: A strategy towards ensuring qualitative urban environment in the developing countries
Joseph Akinlabi Fadamiro, Nigeria
12-020 Sustainable planning - Conclusions from attempts to implement sustainable strategies in three urban development projects
Åke Ekström, Sweden
12-021 Four-dimensional cities, towards an urban paradigm shift.
Valeria Serrano, Argentina
12-022 Urbanity and sustainability: CH2 in the urban fabric of Melbourne
Darko Radovic, Australia
presentation material [jpg]
12-023 Urban environment in the coastal zone of Delda Pinios River
Agisilaos Oikonomou, Greece
12-024 Feasibility study on sustainable urban agriculture using idle land in the Osaka bay area for the purpose of industrial infrastructure restructuring
Masato Tanaka, Japan