Unit 13 - Sustainable urban regeneration

Asami, Yasushi (Japan) / Hugentobler, Margrit (Switzerland)

This unit focuses on concepts, experiences, case studies, insights and lessons learned to induce and promote sustainable urban regeneration. As such problems are complex and multi-disciplinary by nature, contributions from many different disciplines are welcome. Research and policy papers are elicited for this session that address the linkages and dynamics of these interrelated issues by providing theoretical and conceptual contributions to sustainable urban regeneration and development or empirical contributions, i.e. successful case studies or best practices linking questions of sustainable design and (re)-construction with the broader issues.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
13-001 Daylight for sustainable place - making in Eastern Mediterranean
Sura al-Maiyah, United Kingdom
13-002 Inner-ring sustainable regeneration, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Dagmar Epsten, United States of America
presentation material [pdf]
13-003 Urbanism vs Suburbia mapping lifestyle-led population agglomeration in Shanghai using time-space
Jun Wang, Hong Kong
13-004 Transformation of sustainability idea into compact city implementation: Measurement of compactness attributes in Japanese cities
Muhammad Sani Roychansyah, Japan
13-005 Importance of sustainable city policy to control the locations of superstores
Tatsuo Akashi, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
13-006 A study on environmental regeneration towards sustainable urban regeneration in Japan and UK
Tomoko Miyagawa, Japan
13-007 Role of urban re-habitation for existing building stock in affordability of housing; Key issues for Egypt and developing countries
Ayman Afify, Egypt
presentation material [pdf]
13-008 Vale do Paraiba(Paraiba Valley):Between Brazilian metropolises
Maria Dolores Alves Cocco, Brazil
13-009 Sustainable urban regeneration- A case study in London
Randall Thomas, United Kingdom
13-010 Design visions for the sustainable urban regeneration
Okinori Taniguchi, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
13-011 An adoption of the Japanese traditional technology "Hikiya" to make a historical building coexist with a modern architecture at the Chiba city museum project
Noriyuki Okabe, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
13-012 Sustainable solutions in landscape construction to minimize environmental impacts on urban expansion areas
Fernando Amato, Brazil
13-013 A study of the relationship between tecniques for the improvement of housing estates and their effects in order to formulate methods to reactivate housing areas in Japan
Ryoichi Shuto, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
13-014 New housing demands. An ecological approach to the contemporary dynamics.
Marichela Sepe, Italy
13-015 Introduction of parking lot tax aimed at efficient land use
Masayuki Kochizawa, Japan
13-016 Urban regeneration and habitation
Yasushi Asami, Japan
13-017 Noritake forest-new form of urban renewal
Shinnichi Kaburagi, Japan
13-018 The possibility of green fusion competence at sustainable cities
Sachiko Kikuchi, Japan
13-019 "City of growing green" - Proposal of garden community management system
Shozo Kazami, Japan
13-020 A study of area management activities by public/private partnership for sustainable urban regeneration - case study of core areas of large cities in Japan -
Samsu Lee, Japan
13-021 Urban waterfront regeneration and integrated development approaches - A case study of XuZhou Yunlong Lake scenic area, China
Haishan Xia, China
13-022 Contaminated sites: An example of sustainable urban regeneration.
Silvia Pietra, Italy
presentation material [pdf]
13-023 "Man as the measure of all things"- A limiting approach to urban regeneration?
Margrit Hugentobler, Switzerland
13-024 Sustainable renovation of Swedish housing blocks
Marina Botta, Sweden
presentation material [pdf]
13-025 Jerusalem: Towards sustainable urban development
Muki Sheffer, Israel
13-026 Public open space for sustainability: A pilot survey in compact mixed use developments of Hong Kong
Shaleeni. B. A. Coorey, Hong Kong
13-027 Proposal of a sustainable city form for the Tokyo metropolitan area
Hidetoshi Ohno, Japan
13-028 A method of rearrangement planning of community facilities utilizing existing public buildings in matured suburban residential areas: A case study in Tama city
Tohru Yoshikawa, Japan
13-029 Urban revitalize of Santa Barbara d'Oeste down town: Historical buildings and natural environment, in search of gathering spaces.
Manuela Lage, Brazil
13-030 The planning for "The ecological city" by the scenario workshop. A case of Wakamatsu-ward in Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture
Naoki Fujisawa, Japan
13-031 The current issues on urban conservation in Bangkok
Natsuko Akagawa, China
13-032 A consilience strategy to enclose urban expansion: Example on Tainan*
Yeong Tyi Day, Taiwan
13-033 Classic Chinese Lingnan garden in housing sustainable development--- A comparative study in Canton, China
Junyan He, Hong Kong
13-034 A rating system for realizing sustainable urban space with a focus on quality of life and quality of space
Ikuo Sugiyama, Japan
13-035 Development of three-dimensional numerical model as a building design tool for improvement of urban thermal environment
Masayuki Oguro, Japan
13-036 Tools for urban regeneration - Case study of Serbia and Montenegro
Aleksandra Djukic, Serbia and Montenegro
13-037 Sustainability - necessity, myth or political manipulation of the globalized world?
Aleksandra Stupar, Serbia and Montenegro
13-038 Post occupancy evaluation of building system # 5 as sustainable structural system in Jordan
Hikmat Ali, Jordan
13-039 Sustainable low-cost housing: New technology and attitudes - the importance of creating awareness. A discussion based on results obtained in a pre-study.
Bengt Hjort, Sweden
13-040 A study on the changing process of detached houses and their streetscapes in Japanese suburban development in the early 1970s
Yasuko Kamei, Japan
13-041 Osaka model of circulation oriented society through case study of existing city & neighborhood nature -by design: Realizing society & revolutionizing lifestyles
Tosiroh Ikegami, Japan
presentation material [pdf]
13-042 The case study of the sustainable future images of high-density central area of Tokyo
Shin Aiba, Japan
13-043 Pittsburgh's journey: The remaking of an industrial city through sustainable community development
Rebecca Flora, United States of America
13-044 Regent Park revitalization: Financing redevelopment of decaying public housing through sustainable community planning
Thomas Emodi, Canada
13-045 Environmental effects by demolition of damaged dwellings and strategy for sustainable recovery in great urban earthquakes
Hitomi Murakami, Japan
13-046 Sustainability of conservation and preservation of the built heritage in urban design - A Hong Kong perspective
Ann Chien, Ann Lo, Hong Kong
13-047 The harmonious development of high buildings and historical city
Keming Lai, China
13-048 The evolution and the influence of Greek urban law on the physiognomy of the Olympic city of Athens
Aliki Tzika Hatzopoulou, Greece
13-049 Wind flow aspects in the renovated, post-industrial urban area
Katarzyna Klemm, Poland
13-050 Aspects of sustainable development in shaping the infrastructure of inland waterway transportation: The case of Torun
Bartosz Felski, Poland
13-052 The use of urban green spaces to improve the thermal environment
Hikaru Kobayashi, Japan
13-053 Building sustainable communities in South Africa: The case of the Lynedoch EcoVillage
Mark Swilling, South Africa
13-054 Ecological innovation policies of city industrial area --Sustainable plan of Huangtai power plant
Bin Yuan, China
13-055 Trends and indicators for monitoring the EU thematic strategy on sustainable development of urban environment - TISSUE
Tarja Häkkinen, Finland