Unit 14 - Rapidly populating cities / rapid urbanization

Du Plessis, Chrisna (South Africa) / Sha, Kaixun (China)

This unit aims to discuss solutions to the problems of rapidly populating cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and the validity of lessons from the developed world for these cities. As a means of kick-starting the discussions, the issue paper provides a brief overview of some of the main issues relating to rapid urbanisation in low-income countries.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
14-001 Transnational buildings in local environments. Globalization and localization in sustainable building decision-making.
Luciana Melchert Saguas Presas, Brazil
14-002 Death and life in industrial settlements: The British model of dealing with urban development from the 1830s to 1914
Ian Morley, Taiwan
14-003 Institutional innovation and sustainability of urbanization: A Chinese perspective
Kaixun Sha, China
14-004 Sustainable megacities : Urban agri-aquaculture in periurban areas
Sumita Gupta Gangopadhyay, India
14-005 A cost benefit approach to the identification of well located land in rapidly urbanizing regions
Sharon Biermann, South Africa
14-006 Transformation of planning mode in China under rapid urbanization: Performance-based urban planning practice in Shanghai
Xiaodi Yang, United States of America
14-007 Feature of urban sprawl and landscape structure of the "Desakota" regions in the Philippines
Akinobu Murakami, Japan
14-008 Current situation of urbanization and Chinese ways
Hao Wang, China
14-009 Urban environmental health & sustainability: The experience of Dhaka
Ruhul Amin, Bangladesh
14-010 A comparative study on hyper density developments in densely inhabited districts of Mexico city
Jose Martin Gomez Tagle Morales, Japan
14-011 Planning strategies for urban sustainability in the age of globalization
Tsung-Yu Lai, Taiwan
14-012 From a planned capital to a scattered urban form: Analysing the sustainability in Ankara
Ozge Yalciner ercoskun, Turkey
presentation material [pdf]
14-013 Indicators for efficient sub urbanization of a city with planned suburbs : A case study of Chandigarh
Shashank Mehta, India
14-014 Effects of changing landuse patterns on heat island in Chennai
Lilly Rose Amirtham, India
14-015 How sustainable are the changes of the social and spatial structure of Beijing?
Barbara Muench, China
14-016 Integration of landscape characterization and ecological assessment: A tool for creating sustainable sites
Shanmugapriya Gnanasekaran, India
14-017 Environmental issues, the architectural perspectives, and the inefficient building stock in an under developing country
Kunter Manisa, Turkey
14-018 Capacity building for Agenda 21 and sustainable construction, The cities for life forum experience in Peru
Liliana Miranda, Peru
14-019 Alternative futures for Latin American cities: A case of study in Tepotzotlan Mexico
Anibal Figueroa, Mexico
14-020 Discussion of a common community participation platform for slum upgrading projects in Brazil
Rafael Moreira Cesar da Costa, Japan
14-021 The impact of rapid population growth, expanding urbanization, and other factors on development in sub-Saharan Africa: The contrasting responses of Tanzania and Kenya.
Tumaini Geofrey, Tanzania
14-022 Harbin rivernorth sustainable planning: An integrated approach
Jason Hainline, United States of America