Unit 15 - Procurements and process design

Boswell, Peter (FIDIC) / Walker, Lorna (United Kingdom)

It is important that owners and users of buildings develop strategies to achieve sustainable building by the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste materials, and by establishing a system to delegate feedback on the particulars, such as contracts, monitoring and risk communication. Based on these recognitions, we will focus on the development of ordering and contract management systems and its practical examples.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
15-001 Surveillance study on actual condition in operation of green design for buildings
Kenji Sakai, Japan
15-002 Building investment process - Influence of the sustainable development
Elzbieta Rynska, Poland
15-003 Demonstration projects as arena for implementation and development of sustainable building
Michael Eden, Sweden
15-004 Understanding the implementation of sustainability principles in UK educational building projects
Helen Bartlett, United Kingdom
15-005 Is private finance initative a good mechanism to deliver sustainable construction?
Lei Zhou, United Kingdom
15-006 Integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for New Zealand's built environment
Mike O'Connell, New Zealand
15-007 The NOW home - A collaborative partnership project to improve New Zealand's residential sustainability
Karen Bayne, New Zealand
presentation material [pdf]
15-008 Sustainable procurement in Danish social housing
Kim Haugboelle, Denmark
15-009 PQE a method for tender evaluation
Kjartan Gudmundsson, Sweden
15-010 Current building procurement procedures - A potential barrier to sustainable design and construction
Vivienne Brophy, Ireland
15-011 Integration of energy-environmental performances assessment tools in the building design process
Roberto Lollini, Italy