Unit 16 Applying industrial ecology to construction industry:
Win-Win scenarios for sustainable construction 

Kibert, Charles (United States) / Schultmann, Frank (Germany)

To-date the sustainable construction concept has been significantly hampered by the lack of a philosophical and technical foundation that would give it a unifying theme and direction. Sustainable construction was defined by CIB Task Group 16 (Sustainable Construction) in 1994 as "...ccreating and maintaining a resource efficient, healthy built environment, based on ecological principles." Although the definition of sustainable construction does refer to ecological principles, the problem is that this intent is not being met in today's green buildings because the employment of ecological principles in building design is not well understood. The purpose of this session is to explore the connection of building design and construction to ecology as a science and the new science of Industrial Ecology to assist in guiding the development of a true ecological design. In particular, the materials cycles of the built environment will be explored to determine how ecology and industrial ecology can assist in attaining the ideals of ecological design in the built environment.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
16-001 Sustainable brick production - A case study
Fritz Moedinger, Italy
16-002 Scientific complex of new interconnected sciences for healthy cities creation (urban, architectural and building ecology, ecological infrastructure, sensory ecology, ecological ethics)
Alexander Tetior, Russian Federation
16-003 Economic incentives for sustainable construction - The contribution of energy performance-, solar- and photovoltaic contracting
Sonja Cypra, Germany
16-004 Establishment of sustainable housing supply system
Yoshikazu Nakamura, Japan
16-005 sustainable housing for low income in Mexico
Fernando Mayagoitia, Mexico
16-006 Evaluation of white-rot fungi for treatment of organic wastes without environmental impact
Ryuichiro Kondo, Japan
16-007 The entry strategy for sustainable building challengers
Eino Timola, Finland
16-008 A proposed new constructional interface industry towards sustainable construction
Li-Chu Lin, Taiwan
16-009 A vertical planting system adhering to the construction - an approach of introducing the ecology into construction industry
Shu-Chen Tang, Taiwan
16-010 Self-compacting concrete using marble and granite sawing wastes as filler
Joo Luiz Calmon, Brazil
16-011 Radical sustainable construction: Envisioning next-generation green buildings
Charles Kibert, United States of America
16-012 (Approaches towards) Sustainability in the built environment through dematerialization
David Ness, Australia