Unit 17 - Partnership between stakeholders

Iwamura, Kazuo (Japan) / Birkeland, Janis (Australia)

Sustainability of built environment requires integral collaboration of stakeholders along with the design process. Recent POEs reveal that prior partnership between developer, users, designers, authorities and community can help drive green operation for energy/resource efficiency and maintenance in favor of sustainable asset use. This unit will focus on how to bridge gaps among those stakeholders towards better partnerships, reviewing relevant examples world-wide.


Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
17-001 Facilitating green innovation in the built environment through reflective practice
Dominique Hes, Australia
17-002 Participatory design and planning: An open source and evolutionary design perspective
Joseph Francis Wong, Hong Kong
17-003 Occupant participation in green buildings
Christoph Jalkotzy, Canada
17-004 The centre for subtropical design, a collaboration between a local government authority and a university
Rosemary Kennedy, Australia
17-005 Discover integrated approaches to smart and sustainable housing development
Jay Yang, Australia
17-006 Contractor development models for promoting sustainable building - A case for developing management capabilities of contractors
Sihle Dlungwana, South Africa
17-007 Regeneration in the housing stock as techno-economic networks
Wiktoria Glad, Sweden
17-008 Enabling community empowerment for sustainable assets: Examining the contractor's role in the processes and structures
Mwansa Saidi, South Africa
presentation material [pdf]
17-009 Stories of partnership - experience of the Hong Kong Housing Authority
Susanna Wong Siu Fan, Hong Kong
17-010 Building green in the aftermath of a natural disaster
David Gordon, United States of America
17-011 Building regional sustainability through regional & global partnerships, achieving the 2103 Vision
Alexander Yusin Kim, United States of America
17-012 Housing business strategy for compatibility of independence and symbiosis
Tetsuro Kai, Japan
17-013 Principal considerations in the use of community partnered procurement for sustainable urban infrastructure
Andrew N. Baldwin, Hong Kong
17-014 Project on the eco-friendly renovation of school buildings and environmental education
Sachiko Zenyoji, Japan
17-015 Nature reserve of Ploegsteert
Laurie Dufourni, Belgium
17-016 Connecting sustainable community planning to green housing design: The integrated design charrette
Sandra Marshall, Canada
17-017 "Full citizenship" in Maracaibo, Venezuela: A model for sustainability of local development.
Marina Gonzalez de Kauffman, Venezuela