Unit 19 - Environmental ethics and buildings

Yashiro, Tomonari (Japan) / Halliday, Sandy (United Kingdom)

Environmental ethics is expected to give philosophical basis for design of conduct in sustainable building practices. This unit aims to formulate suggestions and guidelines to create effective 'instruments' to strengthen linkage between environmental ethics and practical decision making process in professional level and in organizational level.

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
19-001 Are students of architecture committed to the environment in the every day life?
Julia Cordoba Gallardo, Spain
19-002 Ecologically sustainable design through reflective practice
Susan Mellersh-Lucas, Australia
19-003 A new hospital planning and environmental ethics.
Masato Utsunomiya, Japan
19-004 Environmental ethics and project management of architecture.
Seiki Tagawa, Japan
19-005 Sustainable architecture as a cultural project
Marco Polo, Canada
19-006 Identification of human and social aspects in a sustainable project: A real case in Spain.
María Jesús González, Spain
19-007 Revision of 'proposal to promote sustainable buildings'
Yuichi Takemasa, Japan
19-008 Building ecology - A systems approach for developing ecological literacy for students of building professions.
Peter Graham, Australia
19-009 The necessity to involve investors in decision making for global sustainability
Takao Akagawa, Japan
19-010 The theory, practice and primary achievements of sustainable campuses reconstruction project in Taiwan
Hsing-Hao Chen, Taiwan
19-011 Promoting ethical principles in construction and real estate business
Heimo Valtonen, Finland
19-012 Towards an ecocentric architecture
Hiroto Kawamura, Japan
19-013 How environmental ethics could be introduced as shared tacit code of conduct in building practices?
Tomonari Yashiro, Japan
19-014 Sustainability through conservation, conversion and recycling - A note on management of existing building stock
Shivashish Bose, India
19-015 Can environmental policies deliver?
Sandy Halliday, United Kingdom
19-016 How an ethical dimension can transform design in practice
Howard Liddell, United Kingdom
19-017 Sustainable construction in ISO/TC59
Wolfram Trinius, Germany