Unit 20- Holistic approach / Case illustrations

Rovers, Ronald (The Netherlands) / Gomes, Vanessa (Brazil)

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
20-001 Barriers to the application of sustainable construction concepts in Palestine
Adnan Enshassi, Palestine
20-002 Developing a methodology to measure sustainable construction on a global scale.
Shane West, Australia
20-003 The improvement of indoor environment of high-rise residential buildings in Gaza-Palestine
Mohammed Alsusi, United Kingdom
20-004 Experience from the implementation of a new incentive programme with the purpose to encourage the building sector to build energy effective buildings
Jens Petter Burud, Norway
20-005 Natural envelope. The green element as a boundary limit
Jon Laurenz, Spain
20-006 Energy cognition and attitudes toward the application of small-scale wind power in Taiwan
Yung-jaan Lee, Taiwan
20-007 Building performance assessment of an eco-house in Malaysia: A comparative analysis
Maisarah Ali, Malaysia
20-008 A precedent case study on enviromental education in schools and sustainable design of school buildings in the USA and UK
Akihiko Watanabe, Japan
20-009 Refgio Biologico Belavista: A case study on sustainable design
Miguel Aloysio Sattler, Brazil
20-010 Development of the artificial soil-panel with recycled materials used in the greening on the roof -Turfgrass growth and thermal condition on the artificial soil-panel
Makoto Yaneshita, Japan
20-011 The movement towards a sustainable built environment in New Zealand
Barbara Nebel, New Zealand
20-012 Case study: Integrating sustainable design into educational buildings
Vuk Vujovic, United States of America
20-013 Social impact assessment: The development of a complete quantitative tool for the assessment of sustainable construction
Felix, Yat-hang Wong, Hong Kong
20-014 Strategy drafting for promoting regional sustainable development in Taiwan
Yi-Pin Lin, Taiwan
20-015 Water conservation programs in University Campi: The water conservation program of the University of Sao Paulo
Gisele Sanches da Silva, Brazil
20-016 Sustainable rail-transit operations - Partnership on integrating policy and standards for sustainability
Tian Feng, United States of America
20-017 Learning to Tango: Sustainable development and the multidisciplinary dream
Malcolm Bell, United Kingdom
20-018 Preventing building envelope failures: A key to sustainable construction
Thomas Hutchinson, United States of America
20-019 Propositions for third millenium - From Osaka suspended gardens to Kakolanmaki
Boguslaw Witkowski, Belgium
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20-020 Hong Kong Wetland Park project
Eric PW Chan, Hong Kong
20-021 Healthy city, urban governance and sustainability
Raghuram Prasad, India
20-022 Development, execution and progress of the "Taiwan sustainable campus program"
Che-Ming Chiang, Taiwan