Unit 4/5 - Building environmental assessment tools: current and future roles

Cole, Raymond (Canada) / Ikaga, Toshiharu (Japan)
Howard, Nigel (United States) / Nibel, Sylvianne (France)

A variety of tools have been developed for the comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of buildings and they are currently being used in different stages of the building design, construction and operation process. But each existing tool was derived for a specific context, an anticipated target audience and with a desired role in creating positive change. This session will examine and discuss the current and future roles of building environmental assessment tools and cover issues such their use by different stakeholders, comparisons of different tools, etc., accommodating current and emerging environmental and sustainability issues, etc).

Titles of the papers and names of the authors:
Some authors have made their presentation materials available for viewing.
04-001 Assessing sustainable buildings in developing countries - The Sustainable Building Assessment Tool (SBAT)
Jeremy Gibberd, South Africa
04-002 Socio-economic sustainability in the South African built environment
Lara Opperman-Zandee, South Africa
04-003 Assessing the performance of buildings- Only the final product counts!
John Burnett, Hong Kong
04-004 The use of an environmental assessment tool in health care buildings
Gordon Hudson, United Kingdom
04-005 A holistic approach to developing regionally specific framework for green building assessment tools in China
Yu Liu, Australia
04-006 Sustainable hotels - Environmental reporting according to Green Globe 21, Green Globes Canada / GEM UK, IHEI hotel benchmark and Hilton environmental reporting
Paulina Bohdanowicz, Sweden
04-007 TQ - Total quality assessment for construction in Austria
Robert Lechner, Austria
04-008 Towards integration of sustainability performance assessment outcomes into the design decision-making process for buildings in Southern Africa
Maria J. Loots, South Africa
04-009 Study of resource sustainability assessment for building - Part 1. Outline of LCA system with LCR and LCW assessment -
Masaaki Sato, Japan
04-010 Life cycle assessment for environmentally-conscious renewal of buildings
Takaharu Kawase, Japan
04-011 Study on point method of environment performance assessment utilizing building environmental efficiency and assessment results for multiple buildings
Hiroshi Sako, Japan
04-012 New rating system for green building assessment in Taiwan based on a database of 185 evaluated governmental buildings
Hsien-Te Lin, Taiwan
04-013 Proposal of a simple assessment tool for evaluation of residential architecture design based on environmental impact
Nobuko Terao, Japan
04-014 Comparison of the assessment results of BREEAM, LEED, GBTool and CASBEE
Yukihiro Kawazu, Japan
04-015 Communication method of the building comprehensive environmental assessment for clients/customers - Proposal and project evaluation-
Hiroaki Takai, Japan
04-016 Green building certification systems in Korea
Kee Shik Shin, Republic of Korea
04-017 Assessment method of the building operating energy consumption - analysis of the assessment results of the buildings by the use -
Masahiro Koike, Japan
04-018 Environmental assessment of commercial buildings during design using 3D CAD
Selwyn Tucker, Australia
04-019 Comparison among results of various comprehensive assessment systems -A case study for a model building using CASBEE, BREEAM, and LEED-
Noriko Aotake, Japan
04-020 Building environmental assessment tools and the multi-dimensional pathways towards sustainable architecture
Chi Nguyen Cam, Singapore
04-021 Study of resource sustainability assessment for building - Part 2. An assessment case study for a model building -
Masahiro Kato, Japan
04-022 Analyising environmental impacts of buildings through LCAdesign: Approach and case study
Seongwon Seo, Australia
04-023 Proposal of assessment study in case of factory by using CASBEE - considering manufacturing environment - under high performance and loads -
Manabu Takashi, Japan
04-024 Environmental assessment of school buildings in Norway and Poland
Aleksander Panek, Poland
04-025 Shifting from building assessment towards building enhancement: A specification for the South African model
Ewelina Kaatz, South Africa
04-026 Relations between design strategy and building environmental assessment with regard to building design practices - Analysis of practical examples from LEED
Masayuki Ikezoe, Japan
04-027 The revised version of the GB Tool for subtropical Taiwan - from the barrier to success
Kuei-Feng Chang, Taiwan
04-028 Study of green building design guideline by Japan's government groups
Ryuichi Tomoeda, Japan
04-029 Study of resource sustainability assessment for building Part 3. Environmental assessment for demolition and waste treatment processes
Takashi Mamiya, Japan
04-030 Daylighting criteria in urban buildings in Bangkok
Yingsawad Chaiyakul, Thailand
04-031 A comprehensive environmental performance assessment scheme for buildings in Hong Kong
Marco Wu, Hong Kong
04-032 The development of an integrated building performance approach to support the advancement of environmental assessment tools
Thomas Luetzkendorf, Germany
04-033 A sustainable framework of building quality assessment for achieving a sustainable urban environment
Yung Yau, Hong Kong
presentation material [pdf]
04-034 ITACA : A GBC based environmental performance assessment tool for the public administration in Italy
Andrea Moro, Italy
04-035 Flexibility of use and adaptability of buildings in Poland. Anchor points in time and information on sustainability.
Marcin Malinowski, Poland
04-036 Extended framework of CASBEE; Designing an assessment system of buildings for all lifecycle stages based on the concept of eco-efficiency
Junko Endo, Japan
04-037 Some key issues about building environmental performance assessment system
Lei Tian, China
04-038 Proposal of comprehensive environment performance assessment method in case of commercial facilities from stakeholders' perspective
Yoshifumi Sakaguchi, Japan
04-039 Comparative study on the amount of energy consumption and CO2 emission of building materials between reinforced concrete structure and steel structure buildings using the input-output analysis
Chang-U Chae, Republic of Korea
04-040 Interactive simulation between indoor and outdoor thermal environments reproducing outdoor space design using 3D-CAD
Takashi Asawa, Japan
04-041 An LCA framework for buildings in China
DaoJin Gu, China
04-042 Research of the evaluation system for green buildings in China
Borong Lin, China
04-043 Assessment practices of GOBAS in China
Borong Lin, China
04-044 An environmental impact assessment method concerning a resource recycling nature in buildings
Takashi Moro, Japan
04-045 A study on the sustainable assessment system for urban dwelling service facilities in Taiwan
Hung-Ren Hsieh, Taiwan
04-046 Assessment concept of architecture of habitat system for sustainable development
Tetsuo Hayashi, Japan
04-047 Sustainable buildings' - A combined classification and performance requirement system
Martin Erlandsson, Sweden
04-048 Building environmental assessment methods: Redefining intentions
Raymond Cole, Canada
04-049 Ecoefficiency indicators for actors and products of building sector
Pekka Huovila, Finland
04-050 A green building Esperanto?
Sven Dammann, Denmark
04-051 LiderA - Portuguese voluntary sustainable assessment building system (main lines)
Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, Portugal
04-052 Elaboration of an existing building assessment tool aimed at improving refurbishment of dwellings and combining technical and communicational criteria
Victor Jumez, France
04-053 Assessing green buildings for sustainable cities
Andrea Libovich, Argentina
04-054 A simplified method to generate weights for application in environmental assessment of buildings
Mauritz Glaumann, Sweden
presentation material [pdf]
04-055 sustainability evaluation and maintenance in the building process
Riccardo Pollo, Italy
04-056 Evaluating the eco-compatibility of the technical elements used in on-site construction works.
Alezio Rivotti, Italy
04-057 Development of an assessment method for office buildings in Brazil: Broadening focus from environmental to sustainability
Vanessa Gomes da Silva, Brazil
04-058 Evaluation and application of sustainable improvement for environmental quality of residential area
Hong Hua, China
04-059 Building environmental assessment methods: In practice
Nigel Howard, United States of America
04-060 Environmental impact assessment of the residential buildings in the Czech Republic and the multicriterion approach
Martin Vonka, Czech Republic
04-061 Cumulative environmental profit generated in building object by using various thermal insulations
Michal Piasecki, Poland
04-062 Environmental indicators for buildings - A Danish approach
Klaus Hansen, Denmark
04-066 French certification for non-residential "High Environmental Quality" building projects
Sylviane Nibel, France
04-067 Study on system model for energy flow in urban area
Ryushi Kimura, Japan
04-068 Life cycle impact assessment - A damage-based weighting method for environmental impacts
Ola Eriksson, Sweden
04-069 Environmental assessment of building properties - Where natural and social sciences meet: The case of EcoEffect
Getachew Assefa, Sweden
04-070 Assessing the outdoor environment close to buildings with focus on weighting
Ulla Westerberg, Sweden
presentation material [pdf]
04-072 Investigation of risks of uncertainty in building environmental assessment tools
Steve King, Australia