Breakout Sessions and Poster Sessions
The Academic program consisted of Breakout Sessions and Poster Sessions on twentee (20) unit topics related to tainable buildings.
With regard to Breakout Sessions, in consideration of the basic concept of the conference; "Bridging Three Gaps", the best set of papers submitted on each unit topic were selected for oral presentations by the Conveners indicated in each of the following units. Many papers were also presented during the Poster Sessions at the conference venue.

Reports of the breakout sessions are avairable for viewing.
Many students attended SB05Tokyo.
You can see the Session Reports written by students who had voluntarily applied to SB05Tokyo. Please click here.

Issue papers and lists of papers for the units are available on the website.
(Please click unit topics below.)

20 unit topics for presentations and discussion and the names of Convenors (countries / regions)

 Environmental Performance
1) Energy use and climate -Technology and design for energy conservation

Kodama, Yuichiro (Japan) / Leigh, Seung-Bok (Republic of Korea)
Shukuya, Masanori (Japan)

2) Resource-productive material use

Kohler, Niklaus (Germany) / Chini, Abdol (United States of Amarica)

3) Indoor environment

Levin, Hal (United States of Amarica) / Bogaki, Kazuaki (Japan)

 4) & 5)Building environmental assessment tools: Current and future roles

Cole, Raymond (Canada) / Ikaga, Toshiharu (Japan)
Howard, Nigel (United States of Amarica) / Nibel, Sylviane (France)

6) Healthy buildings/cities
Lau, Stephen (Hong Kong) / De Schiller, Silvia (Argentina)

7) Future frameworks for next technologies

Lowe, Robert (United Kingdom) / Rilling, Jaques (France) /
Bourdeau, Luc (France)

8) Management of technologies

Chiang, Che-Ming (Taiwan) / Kuroishi, Izumi (Japan)

9) Sustainable structural systems

Mita, Akira (Japan) / Harris, Richard (United Kingdom)

10) Theory and methods in support of adaptable buildings
Kendall, Stephen (United States of Amarica) / Ando, Masao (Japan)

11) Sustainable management of existing building stock

Tywoniak, Jan (Czech Republic) / Moffatt, Sebastian (Canada)

 Regional and urban context
12) Urban environmental system
Prakash, Sanjay (India) / Shimoda, Yoshiyuki (Japan)

13) Sustainable urban regeneration

Asami, Yasushi (Japan) / Hugentobler, Margrit (Switzerland)

14) Rapidly populating cities / rapid urbanization

Du Plessis, Chrisna (Republic of South Africa) / Sha, Kaixun (China)

15) Procurements and process design
Boswell, Peter (Switzerland) / Walker, Lorna (United Kingdom)

16) Applying industrial ecology to construction industry: Win-Win scenarios for sustainable construction

Kibert, Charles (United States of Amarica) / Schultmann, Frank (Germany)

17) Partnership between stakeholders

Iwamura, Kazuo (Japan) / Birkeland, Janis (Australia)

18) Design and implementation of effective and efficient policies

Harrington, Phil (Australia) / Awano, Hirohisa (France)

19) Environmental ethics and buildings

Yashiro, Tomonari (Japan) / Halliday, Sandy (United Kingdom)

Holistic approach
20) Holistic approach/Case illustration

Rovers, Ronald (The Netherlands) / Gomes, Vanessa (Brazil)