Assessment Case Study Session


In 1994, an international green building conference was held in London. This was followed by an event in Paris in 1997 and then in Vancouver in 1998. These events were highly successful and attracted strong interest, and it was decided to establish a permanent series of sustainable building conferences, beginning with SB2000 in Maastricht and SB2002 in Oslo. All of these events have featured sessions focusing on environmental assessments of case-study buildings, and these have proven to be valuable and instructive.

In the series will be SB05, held in Tokyo, during September 27-29, 2005, and this was an event of global importance. In SB05, the Case Study Assessment sessions focused on assessment, implementation, and assessment results in leading edge buildings. The participants of the case study session demonstrated and illustrated design strategies and environmental assessment results.

This session provided a chance to exchange the latest knowledge and experience, and also provided an opportunity to discuss strategies on assessment, implementation in practice, and enhanced the movement of green and sustainable design in architectural communities all over the world.

The Structure of the Assessment Case Study Session

Period: 27-29 September 2005
Conveners: Nils Larsson, iiSBE
Tatsuo Oka, Utsunomiya University
Session Secretary: Noriyoshi Yokoo, Utsunomiya University

The case study stream of seminars consisted of several presentation by various groups including Green Building Challenge (GBC) teams, and other teams or individuals from various regions and countries.

Presentations were of varying lengths, depending on the specific approach and the number of case studies included, and we therfore selected submissions and allocated time budgets in a two-stage process: a first call for preliminary presentation proposals, followed by an internal SB05 allocation of time budgets that was based on the number of projects, geographic representation, and our impression of the level of probable relevance for conference delegates.


Noriyoshi Yokoo, Assistant Professor, Utsunomiya University
Fax: +81-28-689-6194

Summary Report

Summary Report of Assessment Case Study Session is available.
Summary Report [pdf]

Presentation Materials
(avairable from December, 2005 to March 31, 2006)


The Bond, Sydney
Graham Lane
presentation material [pdf]


MEC - GBTool
presentation material [pdf]

MEC - Green Globes
presentation material [pdf]

presentation material [pdf]

TOHU - Green Globes
presentation material [pdf]

Queen's ILC - GBTool
presentation material [pdf]

Queen's ILC - Green Globes
presentation material [pdf]


Temuco Airport
presentation material [pdf]


GOBAS Assessment Case Study
Yingxin ZHU, Bobong LIN, Yi JIANG, Youguo QIN
presentation material [pdf]

Shanghai Demonstration Eco-building
SRIBS (Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science)
presentation material [pdf]


Life Cycle Assessment of Passive Buildings with Legep (R)
Niklaus Kohler, Andreas Wagner, Thomas Luetzkendorf, Holger Konig
presentation material [pdf]

<Hong Kong>

CEPAS - Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme for Buildings
Buildings Department, Hong Kong SAR Government, et al
presentation material [pdf]


GBC Italia 00 Assessment Report
presentation material [pdf]

GBC Italia 01 Mediapolis
presentation material [pdf]

GBC Italia 02 Environment Park Head Office
presentation material [pdf]

GBC Italia 03 Olympic Village - Torino 2006
presentation material [pdf]

GBC Italia 04 "Freire" Nursery School
presentation material [pdf]


Marunouchi Building
N. Kobayashi

NEC Tamagawa Renaissance City
J. Endou

Aoyamagakuin University Sagamihara Campus
J. Endou

M. Sato, M. Hiraoka, K. Miura
presentation material [pdf]

Takenaka Corp. Tokyo Main Office
M. Koike, Y. Shiratori, K. Hirano
presentation material [pdf]

AEON Chikusa Shopping Center
T. Hara, Y. Sakaguchi
presentation material [pdf]

Keio Univeristy South Building (Mita)
H. Mada

The Kansai Electric Power Building
M. Yamagiwa
presentation material [pdf]

Sites for EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan
S. Kaburagi
presentation material [pdf]

<Republic of Korea>

I' PARK Samsungdong
presentation material [pdf]

Kolon E&C Institute of Technology
presentation material [pdf]

Seoul Central Post Office
presentation material [pdf]


HSBC Bank Tower National Headquarters Mexico City
Cesar U. Trevino
presentation material [pdf]


Overview - Evaluation of the Environmental Performance of Buildings with GB Tool, CASBEE and VERDE
presentation material [pdf]

To Inhabit the Device - Assessment of a Sustainable Dwelling in Tenerife
Pablo La Roche, Ignacio Oteiza, Francisco Mustieles, Maria Delgado, M.V.Machado
presentation material [pdf]

Sustainable Building - The Spanish initiative in the Green Building Challenge
Ines Sanchez Madariaga
presentation text [pdf]
posters of assessment results [pdf]

Selected Buildings GBC 2003-2005
presentation material [pdf]

Comparative Assessment for Evaluating the Environmental Performance of Buildings
M. Macias, L.Alvarez-Ude, P.Rivas, R. Rochmat
presentation material [pdf]

A walk to the horizon .. 2002 .. 2005.. ?
Ramiro Cuende
presentation material [pdf]


GBC Taiwan Team Report
presentation material [pdf]

<United Kingdom>

Optimizing The Use of Unfired Clay Products in Rural Housing :The Role of Holistic Evaluation
Fionn Stevenson, Bruce Taylor, Tom Morton
presentation material [pdf]

<United States of America>

Administration Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse Denver and U.S. General Services
presentation material [pdf]


FIDIC - The Poudre School District, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
presentation material [pdf]