Based upon the outcomes and reviews of the prior conferences, the SB05Tokyo National Conference Board has set a slogan for the 2005 World Conference as follows.

This conference slogan recognizes that now is the time to move into action towards the common goal of providing buildings and urban context that support sustainable ways of living. Rather than being simply the one-way presentation of ideas between experts, SB05Tokyo will be a venue for constructive debates among the participants, including clients and users, to shape positive actions that can be supported and/or shared. A holistic structure of the conference themes is examined, according to possible actions along with the design process and to possible objects of related actions. Those actions and objects include not only ìnew buildingsî but also ìexisting building stockî to be maintained, upgraded, re-used or converged, which is widely recognized to be crucial in lowering the environmental load.


Under the slogan, the Conference will be characterized by the three major streams of bridging existing gaps among "the sustainable issues", "the stakeholders", and "the regions", respectively. Participants are expected to contribute to those bridging through their own researches and practices.


According to the UN Agenda 21, sustainability has Environmental, Social and Economic aspects. Prior Sustainable Building Conferences gave priority more or less on scientific and engineering aspects of built-environment. SB05Tokyo will turn its eyes to the other strongly related aspects as well, while keeping the original scientific nature of the SB Conference.
Given this, more holistic approach towards dissemi-nation of the movement could be executed.


SB05Tokyo will not only provide participants with information on the latest knowledge, experience and case studies, but also bridge the existing gaps in terms of interests and understanding among the stakeholders of Sustainable Buildings, including clients/users, construction community and planners. Within this stream, best business practices shall be examined to bridge the gap between high level corporate policy statements and project / investment practice.



With a view of disseminating the movement of sustainable building worldwide, regional similarities and differences in Sustainable Buildings shall be contrasted to develop affordable solutions accordingly. Within this stream, strong emphasis shall be put on how to implement these solutions in developing regions of the world. As such, in 2004 Regional Sustainable Building Conferences will be held in five regions, including Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, East Asia, South East Asia, and the key issues emerging from these will be presented at SB05Tokyo. In addition, a support for contributors and active participants from developing regions (100 professionals and 100 students in all) will be provided by the host.



Those objectives of SB05Tokyo can be summarized as overall concept by a Japanese word "WA", which represents "Harmony", "Friendliness", "Symbiosis" and even "Peace". We believe these notions, in conjunction with the word's image - a "circle", correspond directly to the basic idea of "Sustainable Building", respecting local characteristics while simultaneously sharing responsibility for global issues. All these considerations have been symbolically expressed in the logo.