Dear Colleagues:

It is a great pleasure that Tokyo has been selected for the venue of the 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference (SB05Tokyo). This will be the first venue of the Conference in Asia, where the majority of world's population resides. Accordingly mega-cities of high-density are rapidly emerging. It is therefore recognized that "sustainability" is increasingly becoming a realistic and serious keyword for designing a built environment including not only building but also urban, social and economic aspects.

Tokyo, known as the first Asian mega-city to reach a population of ten million people, has been confronted with a broad range of urbanization issues, and is now experiencing a paradigm shift of the 21st century: from ceaseless "scrap-and-build" to sustainable "urban renaissance" or otherwise "sustainable regeneration".

The last SB02 conference in Oslo was attended by more than 1,000 people, who took part in a lively exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions with a focus on building and construction. Based on the successes of previous conferences, SB05Tokyo has adopted the slogan of "Action for Sustainability". This slogan recognizes that now is the time for all of us to move into action, applying the outcomes of ideas and technologies which have been developed up to now.

SB05Tokyo will also focus on "bridging gaps" as the major conference concept, especially regarding how to bridge (i)gaps between environmental, social and economic aspects, (ii)gaps between stakeholders' concerns and (iii)gaps between regional concerns in the world. We will talk about what action needs to be taken beyond possible barriers against the implementation. Conference topics have been selected and allocated to proper oral and poster sessions according to this concept. Sessions shall extend beyond mere one-way presentations, being active forums for creating actions for sustainability. Every attendant is expected to play an active role during those sessions.

Prior to the SB05Tokyo, the 2004 Regional Sustainable Conferences (SB04) will be held in five regions worldwide in the latter half of 2004. The fruits of each regional conference will be brought together and tasted each other at SB05Tokyo, where further exchange and debate is sure to produce new discoveries and solutions to be put into action.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you all at SB05Tokyo.