"The 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo (SB05Tokyo) - Action for Sustainability (International Conference for preventing the Global Warming)" was held to exchange the latest knowledge, researches, practices and etc. among the researchers, practitioners, private sectors, government related organizations, students and etc. from around the world who are aspiring the realization and diffusing the sustainable buildings.
This conference with more than 1,700 participants from over 80 countries and regions, included Keynote speeches by the influential individuals, 675 papers, announcement and awarding the SB05Tokyo Award and etc. At the closing session on September 29, "SB05Tokyo Declaration" was approved by the participants.

1. Date: 2005.9.27 (Tue) - 29 (Thu)
2. Venue: International Conference Pavilion PAMIR, (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
3. Host: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
4. Co-hosts:
- International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and
Construction (CIB)
- International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE)
- United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
5. Outline
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* Opening Session
Greeting by the host, address by Her Imperial Highness, Princess Takamado and etc.
* Keynote speeches
* Breakout Sessions(Oral presentation and discussion at 20 separated units), Poster sessions, Special sessions
* Exhibitions
* Closing Session
Announcement of SB05Tokyo Award, SB05Tokyo Declaration,
Announcement of the next Conference (SB08)
6. Attached Documents

Attached Document 1 (PDF):
Classification of Units (number of full papers)
Attached Document 2 (PDF):
List of Winners of the SB05Tokyo Awards
Attached Document 3 (PDF):
SB05Tokyo Declaration
Attached Document 4 (PDF):
Opening Address from Her Imperial Highness, Princess Takamado