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1. SB04 Latin America outline


Dates: 2004/7/18 -21 (4days)
Venue: Rebouças Convention Center, Sao Paulo
(Auditorium, Exhibition Hall, meeting rooms)
Hosted by: ANTAC(Brazilian Association of Technology of the Built Environment), CIB, iiSBE, PNUMA(UN)
Supported by: UNICAMP, USP, UFES, UFSC
Attendance: 870 people
(Nations): (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA)
Presentations: Keynote:30, Parallel session: 300, Poster: 170
Programs: Keynote speech, Parallel session, Poster session, Exhibition, Award Ceremony
Official languages: Portuguese, Spanish (simultaneous translation for Keynote into English)
Main Organizers: Vanessa Gomes, Vanderley John, Maristela Silva, Roberto Lamberts.
2. Program

Jul 18 (Sun) Jul 19 (Mon) Jul 20 (Tue) Jul 21 (Wed)
08:30-10:00 Plenary 1)
Sustainable construction and development
Plenary 3)
Energy efficiency in construction
Plenary 5)
Material and technologies
10:30-12:00 Plenary 2)
Rational use of water
Plenary 4)
Sustainable buildings
Plenary 6)
Material and technologies
SB05Tokyo Promotion
12:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-18:00 Parallel sessionsand Posters Parallel sessionsand Posters Award CeremonyClosing session
Best Practice Papers Papers Best Practice Papers Papers  
14:00-18:00 Opening Ceremony
Round Table Round Table

Plenary Session
Poster Sessions

3. Outcomes

This is the official first of a series of Latin American SB conferences. The next one will be held in SB07, again as a global summit preparation, in a country yet to be defined. A call for expressions of interest has just been launched.
Understanding of Sustainable Building was broadened and strengthened as a result of the Conference.
Three projects were awarded with iiSBE/IAB/SINDUSCON mentions of honour as important initiatives to boost the shift towards a more sustainable approach.
iiSBE has officially announced its new project on education, under the leadership of Prof. Ray Cole, University of British Columbia, Canada.
New university and educational institutional members are welcome to join iiSBE and take part in the process. Some institutions have expressed interest at the very conference.

4. Conclusions
  • Low impact building materials, C&D reduction, waste recycling and LCA-applied to building design persist as major needs for research and intervention;
  • Little progress was achieved on public policies for SB and the region faces a clear need for continuous, active government involvement in establishing a sustainable built environment;
  • Need for market development and financing strategies for sustainable products and projects;
  • Importance of micro-regionalization in Latin American future SB events, to properly capture local needs, achievements and barriers;
  • Quantitative cost and performance data, targets and indicators are major barriers for proper assessment of sustainable buildings.
5. Recommendations
  • All Latin American countries should join the Latin American LCA Network, to develop their national LCA databases.
  • Manufactures should join the SB movement, organize themselves, demonstrate performance and showcase their products to effectively reach design and construction professionals.
  • Governments need to affirm concrete commitments and targets for action to achieve more effective implementation of sustainable building objectives. Partnerships between governments, business and civil society should be promoted and implemented, as this is the most effective way to enhance awareness and modify status.
  • Use of environmental tools and assessment methods, communication and training should be intensified to spread the concept, increase performance and demystify the cost of SB.
  • All organizations involved in SB are recommended, next to the global conferences on SB, to coordinate and initiate micro-regional conferences, which would allow for increased participation and to table local relevant discussions. Some countries may also agree on collectively organizing micro-regional SB events to enhance awareness, access for participation and find solutions for financial obstacles. The outcomes and results would be then a preparation for a focused, democratic and comprehensive Latin American conference in 2007.
  • Local and regional professional organizations are recommended to initiate activities aimed at a synthesis between the traditional architectural and constructive approaches and SB.
  • Local and regional organizations are recommended to intensify awareness raising at all government levels to stimulate development and implementation of public policies for SB.
  • Educational institutions and universities holding courses related to SB are recommended to get involved in iiSBE's educational project.
  • Latin American SB'07 should give extra attention to public policies, urban issues, and the wide range of social and economic issues across the region.
6. Best Papers Award Winners
  Arquitectura sustentable: aportes de las características térmicas de materiales y construcciones
John Martin Evans, Carlos Raspall Galli
  Edificios no-residenciales energeticamente eficientes en la region central de Argentina
Celina Filippín
  Concreto "verde" com teores muito elevados de adiçőes minerais:
um estudo de sustentabilidade

Geraldo Cechella Isaia, Antônio Luiz Guerra Gastaldini, Juarez Hoppe Filho
  Estudo de viabilidade da utilização de poliuretana vegetal como aglomerante de resíduos para produção de componentes construtivos
Patrícia Schultz, Osny Pellegrino Ferreira
  Modelo de evaluación de la sustentabilidad de la construccion en Chile
Patricia Martinez, Paulina Osses, Carlos Ibaceta
  Implantação de programas de uso racional da água em campi universitários
Gisele S. Silva, Humberto O. Tamaki, Orestes Marraccini Gonçalves
  Metodologia para construção em áreas de difícil acesso e de interesse ambiental:
aplicabilidade na antártica e nas ilhas oceânicas brasileiras

Cristina Engel Alvarez
  Influéncia da luz refletida no solo na iluminação natural nos trópicos:
comparando o desempenho de protetores solares

Ricardo Carvalho Cabús
  Arquitetura bioclimática para o semi-árido alagoano:
centro comercial e de serviços de Santana do Ipanema-AL

Juliana Oliveira Batista, Leonardo Salazar Bittencourt
  Proyecto demostrativo de construcción sustentable para un centro deportivo en Patagonia
Silvia de Schiller, Javier Sartorio, John Martín Evans
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