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1. SB04China Outline


Dates: 2004/9/20-22 (3days)
Venue: Wnaping Hotel, Shanghai, China
(No.315 Wanping Rd, Shanghai)
Hosted by: SRIBS(Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences)
Co-host: CIB, iiSBE, SB05Tokyo NCB, UNEP, China Ministry of Construction,
Shanghai Committee of Construction and Management,
Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, Shanghai 2010 Expo Bureau, etc.
Attendance: 200 people
(Nations): 10(China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand)
Presentations: Keynote&Plenary:12, Breakout session: 44 (papers: 91), no poster session
Programs: Keynote lecture, Concurrent sessions, Technical visit
Official language: Chinese and English(simultaneous translation for Keynote Lectures)
Sponsor: TRAIN
Main Organizer: Qiang Xu
2. Program

September 20 (Mon) September 21(Tue) September 22 (Wed)
Open CeremonyPlenary SessionKeynote Presentation Breakout Sessions Technical Visit
Design, practice and policy of the sustainable building Evaluation system of green building
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Conncurrent Sessions Plenary Session
The Netherlands session Technology and Equipment of energy economical building
Break Break
Synthesis technology Technology and Equipment of energy economical building Plenary SessionSB05Tokyo Promotion

Plenary Session
Technical Visit

3. Topics and issues prepared for discussion at SB04China Conference

3.1 Design, practice and policy of the sustainable building;
  Topic 1: Development trends and strategy of global sustainable building
  Topic 2: Design and layout of sustainable building
  Topic 3: Examples of global sustainable building and analyse
3.2 Technology and Equipment of energy economical building, application and development of regenerated energy in sustainable building;
  Topic 1: Technology of effective Usage of resource in sustainable building
  Topic 2: Development and application of environmental and economical equipments
  Topic 3: New Technology and products of energy economical building
3.3 Evaluation system of green building and control improvement of building environment;
  Topic 1: Control, technology and products of building environment
  Topic 2: Evaluation of sustainable building and analyses of the full periods
3.4Green Eco-building materials and other sustainable building technology
  Topic 1: Evaluation and Application of green building materials
  Topic 2: Intelligent control System of Eco-building
  Topic 3: Ecological configuration and scene in green building

4. Major Outcomes of SB04China Conference
4.1 Publishing the proceedings of SB04China Conference with 600 pages (hard copy and CD).
4.2 Introduction some advanced technology solutions such as solar energy application, water recycle technology, energy efficient Building, evaluation system for green building, and so on.
4.3 Bring forth some case of best practice in overseas and China.
4.4 Recommend to raise guideline or regulation for local green building. Shanghai will go first in China.

5. Suggestions to SB05Tokyo
5.1 Since the pilot by government is very important to push sustainable building in China, I do hope SB05Tokyo could recommend more detail policy and method for sustainable building in developed country to show how to push sustainable building in developing countries.
5.2 Introduce more case study, especially post occupancy evaluation for sustainable building to show us the real profit of sustainable building.

6. Best Papers Award Winners
  Beijing Green Olympic and its evaluation System
Jiang yi
Tsinghua University
  Research on Modeling Method of Environmental Performance of Building Systems
Zhang Guoqaing
Hu Nan University
  Test investigation of automatic running and monitoring water quality in the device of water reuse
Wei Yu
University of shanghai for science and technology
  Air conditioning Load Prediction Methods Competition
He Dasi
Tongji University
  Introduction to energy efficiency technologies and simulation of energy consumption for ecological building
Bu Zhen
Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science
  Integration of the solar-assisted heat pump,water energy storage and liquid desiccant system
Li Yuwu
Shanghai Jiaotong University
  Sustainable architecture
Zhang Hongru
Shanghai Jianke Architecture Institute
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