International Events

Feb. 19, 2003

1st preparatory meeting of the Global Conference Board (GCB)
(Meeting with iiSBE and CIB with regard to the basic policy of SB05, regional conference issue etc.)

Sep. 2003 Circulation of the preliminary conference program (1st announcement)
Nov.25-26,2003 Preliminary Workshop
Jan. 2004


Preliminary meeting of SB05Tokyo
1) Global Conference Board (GCB) meeting
2) OECD/IEA Workshop / Tokyo, Japan on Sustainable Building: Towards Sustainable Use of Building Stock
Jun. 10. 2004 Call for Papers
Jul. 18-21, 2004 SB04 South America / Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Sep. 30, 2004 Deadline of the abstract submission
Sep. 13-17, 2004 SB04 Africa / Stellenbosch, South Africa
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Sep. 20-22, 2004 SB04 East Asia / Shanghai, China
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Oct. 13-14, 2004 Preliminary Workshop (Tokyo Big Sight) /Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 27-29, 2004 SB04 Central and Eastern Europe / Warsaw, Poland
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Jan. 2005 Deadline of the early registration
Feb. 2005 Preliminary meeting of SB05Tokyo
1) 2nd meeting of the Global Conference Board (GCB)
2) The Third SB05Tokyo Pre-Symposium
"Action for Sustainability- Recent Best Practices in my Region"
Mar. 14, 2005 Deadline of the full paper submission
Apr. 11-13, 2005 SB04 South East Asia / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Jun. 10-11, 2005 SB04 Mediterranean / Athens, Greece
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Jul. 2005 Circulation of the final conference program (3rd announcement)
Sep. 27-29, 2005 The 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo